In the 21st century when most of our cultural structures that gave our lives meaning are broken, each of us find ourselves lost in Dante’s dark woods. There are no straight answers; there are only individual paths toward living a meaningful life. Hundreds of years ago our ancestors turned to the clergy for meaning and structure, now we turn to depth psychologists for guidance during the “dark night of the soul.”

As a Depth Psychologist, DR BREN combines Ken Wilber’s Integral Psychology, for Developmental Assessment with Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology for Dream Analysis and Emotional, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic and Narrative Life Coaching.

Jungian / Integral Life Coaching aims toward psychological wholeness (Ego and Soul in relationship). Where other professional coaches and psychotherapists focus on ego, DR BREN’s Life Coaching for the Soul focuses on both, ego and soul. This leads to deep structural changes in psyche resulting in, not only adaptations but also, transformations.

DR BREN, using dreams and imaginal work, gives the soul a central voice in alleviating immediate suffering. Your unconscious holds the patterns and structures of your psyche (psychodynamics): schemas of behavior, coping mechanisms, repressed memories, values, beliefs, and interpersonal relationships, etc. As such it holds and repeats the patterns of your suffering. More importantly though, your unconscious holds the resolution to your suffering. Like the immune system in your body the unconscious always moves toward health and wholeness. Thus it holds the purpose of your life.

DR BREN helps you discover the hidden meaning in your suffering and coaches you toward making the necessary changes toward living a fully individuated life by taking the Soul Journey.

Will you answer the call of soul?