DR BREN is a Jungian-educated life coach / therapist and couples counselor who works in Hollywood, CA and on SKYPE.

She uses four main tools:  MBTI, enneagram, astrology and dreams.

DR BREN starts with Jung’s psychological types, also known as, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI. This tool allows her to explain how they perceive and interpret the world differently than most. Too often she sees individuals judging themselves against a standard that is not possible for creative personalities.

While the MBTI explains how the mind functions (perceives and interprets the world around), the Enneagram describes the whole personality. It explains how the personality was formed, and it shows the way to transcend the limitations of the personality so one can thrive artistically.

The astrological natal chart describes the internal conflicts that have plagued them their whole life. It is the map of the soul’s journey in this life and the lessons one must learn.

The royal road to the unconscious is via dreams. DR BREN weaves dream work into the above as necessary to help the individual learn to read the symbolic messages from the unconscious (soul or higher self).

With all of this DR BREN helps each individual get to know their personality and how it functions, so that they can transcend it and make contact with their true self, also called the higher self or soul. When a person reaches this level of self-knowledge they have access to their highest creative potential in life. From a Jungian perspective this is real creativity, a co-creative relationship with the unconscious or what new agers are calling “consciousness” these days.